Investors in your Business – 10 Things They Look for in a Business Plan

Your business plan – the foundation of your business and the path to a business loan. So what makes a good business plan and what do investors look for in your business plan?

1. A realistic, viable business idea that reflects extensive market research and includes a full analysis of the market and its relevant competition.
2. Motivation, credibility, financial responsibility and investment from the owners and directors.
3. A manageable amount of risk that is compensated for by a profitable return.
4. A road map of goals, targets and milestones that will lead to profitability and the ability of the investors to profitably leave the company within a few years.
5. A financial budget that reflects the capital requirements necessary to fuel the operation through the start-up stage, make a reasonable return to the investor and allow for investment in future enhancements and product changes. The financials should include a break-even position, feasibility analysis and realistic profit forecast.
6. A comprehensive market analysis, reflecting the demographics of the market, the demand for the product or service, who your competitors are and how much of a threat they are to you.
7. A marketing strategy that will ensure that you penetrate the market quickly and position the company in a place where it can grow, capture market share and build your brand.
8. A competitive advantage that will meet the needs of a clear target market with stable growth potential.
9. A clear understanding of the company’s structure and culture as well as a clearly defined business model and strategy.
10. An overall attractive plan that reflects profitable capabilities, stability, entrepreneurship, financial acumen and that will provide a high return on their investment in a foreseeable amount of time.

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