Entrepreneurs Buy A Business Plan Template Or Do It

Entrepreneurs Buy A Business Plan Template Or Do It Yourself?You want to write a business plan but are a little unsure what to do so should you buy a template?Business plan templates are really not worth the money, particularly if you have an unusual business set up. Even if you have a common business such as a restaurant, yours and how you set it up will still be different from all the others. If you dont believe me have a look at all the different coffee bars you can find. Even the big chains are totally different. Writing a business plan is about planning your business and helps you decide the structure and function of your new business. It is a learning experience and planning opportunity and helps you get some real structure to your business. You should have the following sections in your business plan:* Executive Summary.* Business overview and structure.* Business strategies.* Markets and marketing.*Services, goods and products offered.* Financials.* Staffing and Management.* The way forward.If you are seeking financing for your new business, it is even more important that you do not use a template. Financiers have seen them all and can instantly recognise a generic business plan. They want to see that you have planned your new business carefully and properly and have taken the necessary care to get everything right. They will be particularly interested in your business, marketing and exit strategies and it is important that you take time to tailor these to your own business.Don’t waste your money on planning software, you are better off with employing a good business planning consultant. For example, when preparing a business plan, a good business planning consultant will spend some of time with their clients helping them define and plan their business and marketing strategies.————————————————-
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