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If you have the ideas and also possess the entrepreneurial skills, we will listen to you and translate them into a great business and marketing plan. We will work alongside you, planning and suggesting new ways at looking at a potential problem or advantage.

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Budget Business Plan: For small businesses who do not require an interview at the start of the consultancy and would prefer us to send them a questionnaire with which to gather information. The value of loans sought would be less than $1m/£750k/€1m. $950

Small Business Plan: For small businesses who require SBA, small business loans or bank loans of less than $1m/£750k/€1m. $1,250
Investor Business Plan: For new businesses who require loans from investors or bank for more than $1m and less than $5m/£3,750k/€5m. $2,799
Angel Business Plan: For businesses seeking Angel or Venture Investment loans of more than $1m/£750k/€1m. from $3,999


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Biz Guru Ltd.

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Skype: TheBizGuru